The Trans4mer is an industrial grade mobile work shelter. Transport is via tractor trailer and pup or on a large flat deck. It is designed to sit directly on any stable level ground. Foundations are not required. The center roof section telescopes to a height of 6 meters. The side pods which are contained within the center unit during transport, expand to create a 2 meters wide by 2,4 meters high by 11 meters long work area on each side of the center unit. They are supported by integral mechanical jacks. The roof and side pods are positioned using a crane or with optional integral hydraulics. Set up / take down time is approximately one to two hours


The interior floor space of a 15.2 meters unit is approximately 139 square meters. The center floor has a capacity of 56,700 kg. (10.7kPa). There is a 2 meters x 2 meters electrical room located in one corner with a breaker panel and a transformer. The wiring is 3 phase and is customizable for almost any application including wet service. Within the floor is a 5600 liter waste water holding tank with trace wire radiant heat. This provides for containment of environmentally hazardous waste. Some of the most popular accessories include: 3.6 tonnes overhead gantry crane, hydraulic vehicle lifts, manual or automatic vehicle wash systems, air compressors, welders, milling machines, plasma cutters, table saws, power hack saws, and hydraulic presses. Many other customization options are available on request.


Environmental Considerations

  • Integral waste containment system
  • No ground disturbance
  • No permanent foundations
  • Removable on project completion
  • Reusable and multipurpose

Economic Considerations

  • No foundations
  • No engineering / design fees
  • No property tax
  • No building / regulatory permits
  • Used units available on short notice / new units in 14 weeks
  • Rapid deployment and take down
  • Reusable and multipurpose
  • Low maintenance
  • Improved labor efficiency & safety
  • Purchase and lease options
  • High resale value