Portable buildings & portable structures

Until now the traditional offering for portable work facilities has included light duty office trailer type products, soft sided tent – like products, modified shipping container type products and modular semi-permanent type products. Unfortunately none of these truly combine the features of being rapidly deployable and suitable for industrial, heavy duty applications. Typically the ones that are portable are light duty (office / accommodation applications) and the ones that are heavier duty require design services, foundations, building permits and long set up / take down times. The ultimate industrial grade, portable building and multipurpose structure changes all that.


Portable Shops

The Trans4mer is truly portable. It arrives as a tractor trailer unit and with the hydraulically automated telescoping roof and side pods it is operational in less than 2 hours. The interior of the unit is designed to be multi-purpose so is easily reconfigured for a variety of assignments. The ideal solution for work sites requiring facilities for visiting contractors or temporary projects. No foundations, no building permits, no assembly, no bs.


Portable Wash Bay

The Trans4mer is ideal for light and heavy vehicle wash bays. Site cross contamination concerns and vehicle maintenance often dictate that vehicles and equipment need to be cleaned even though your miles from the nearest facilities. A Trans4mer unit equipped with either a fully automated drive through vehicle wash system or a manual pressure wash system is the solution. Our wash system partners have developed equipment that is customized specifically for use in the Trans4mer complete with recycling and filtration components. The trans4mer is wired for wet service conditions and includes a built in heated waste tank in the floor for containment.


Portable Lube Bay

Rolling equipment on remote sites requires regular lubrication schedules to maintain operating efficiency. The Trans4mer provides an on site, covered, secure, insulated and climate controlled maintenance facility equipped with spill containment, hoists and wheel lift, capabilities. Built in lubricant storage tanks with distribution pumps and hoses are part of the package. When your project is complete– the asset can be quickly taken down and moved to the next site.


Secure Portable Tool Crib / Material Storage

The Trans4mer structure incorporates a high strength welded steel I beam floor system with welded structural aluminum walls and roof components. The foam core insulation has a rating of r17.5. Your unit arrives on site with tools and equipment in place and is as secure as your home shop. Materials and equipment can be driven directly into the unit through the overhead doors and loaded or unloaded with the 4 ton electric gantry crane.

Portable Welding Shop

Extreme weather conditions reduce efficiency by up to 75% and threatens the safety of your workers. The Trans4mer provides a self-contained, fully equipped, covered, environment controlled welding facility complete with a high capacity generator. Units are often fitted with multiple welders, plasma cutters, work stations and air quality controls.

Portable Mechanics Bay

Ask a heavy duty mechanic how much longer it takes to do a repair when he’s under a frozen vehicle in -40 temperatures with limited access to power tools or lift equipment. Enough said?


Medical and Fire Halls


Portable Training Lab

Trade schools, polytechnics and community colleges are frequently tasked with providing skilled labor training to remote and aboriginal communities to service demands of the natural resource and construction industry. One of the major challenges to institutions is providing a fully equipped training lab in multiple locations for the practical portion of the instruction. The Trans4mer provides a mobile campus that comes custom fitted with tools and equipment suitable to almost any trade. On completion of the 6 – 8 week course in one location the lab can be transported to the next community and even refitted for another trade. The portable training lab is set up and ready to go in less than a day and student are not required to leave their communities and incur lodging and travel expenses. In locations where building materials and construction services are not readily available, these units can serve as cost effective alternatives to site built structures.