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A novelty on the European market!

Updated on the 17th of February 2017 
Member firm H. BLOCH a.s. introduces a new product on the European market!

Ideal for work sites with  temporary projects. It is a  heavy duty multi purpose unit which was developed for harsh  and remote environments such as oil mining, exploration, road work and construction. The unit is portable and fully energy independent with no requires of building permits, project documentation, assembly and foundations.

The unit can be reconfigured and used as a portable work and mechanics bay, lube bay, tool crib and material storage, welding shop, fire hall on remote sites or as a portable training lab. 

Further we would like to emphasize:

Environmental consideration
• No permanent foundation
•  Integral waste containment system
•  Removable on project completion

Economic consideration
• Low maintance
• No property tax
• High resale value

It is fully operational in two hours after arriving on site. The interior customization options are available on request.

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More info: Ing. Vladimír Jadrníček (tel. +420 547 429 011)