3.0 Roof

Overall Dimension Closed 15' 10" Wide x 40' Long
Roof Configuration Flat
Structure Material Structural Aluminum
Insulation Insulation Type: Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Air Barrier
R-Value: R-17.5
Exterior Sheet Metal Steel .021" Colonial Antique Linen (other colour schemes available on request)
Interior Sheet Metal Steel .021" Colonial Polar White
Roof Sheet Metal Steel .021" Corrugated Galvanized
Certification Electrical Components Comply to NEMA 4 Requirements
Exterior Lighting 2 - 150 Watt High Pressure Sodium with Photocell
Interior Lighting 8 - 4' Light, Vapour Tight (2 LampT8)
Approximate Capacity of 73,600 Lumens
Bay Doors Model: Model 800C Rolling Door
Size: 14' Wide x 16' High
Opening: 14' Wide x 15' High
Material: Steel 18 Gauge
Insulation: R-Value 6.7
Cycle Life: 25,000
Safety Device: Fail Safe Electric Safety Edge
Operation Methods: Remote, Electrical and Manual
Colour: Grey
Air Circulation Fan 2 - Fan: 12' Diameter
Capacity: 800 CFM each