5.0 Left Pod

Overall Dimension 6' Wide x 38' Long x 8' High
Roof Configuration 2/12 Pitch
Structure Material Structural Aluminum
Insulation Insulation Type: Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Air Barrier
R-Value: R-17.5
Exterior Sheet Metal Steel .021" Colonial Antique Linen (other colour schemes available on request)
Interior Sheet Metal Steel .021" Colonial Polar White
Roof Sheet Metal Steel .021" Corrugated Galvanized
Interior Lighting 4 - 4' Light, Vapour Tight (2 LampT8)
Capacity of 27,600 Lumens
Emergency Light Type: Dual Head
Capacity: 36 Watts
Stand-By Power: 12 Volts
Duration: 30 Minutes
Man Doors Opening Direction: Inswing
Material: Steel 20 Ga
Size: 32" Wide x 80" High
Window: Thermos Wire Mesh 6mm
Hinges: Stainless Steel with Ball Bearing
Fire Rated: 45 min
Weather-strip Type: Commercial
Colour: Medium Green
Optional Window(s) - confirm pricing and locations at time of order Model: Simple Hung Century Series
Material: PVC
Size: 24" Wide x 36" High
Certification: CSA A3, B4, C4 and F2
Colour: White
Receptacles 2 - 20 Amps GFCI
Heaters 2 - 10 Kw with Integrated Thermostat
Manual Support Jack 4 - Mechanical Adjustable Jacks
Capacity: 2000 lbs each
Access Steps Material: Aluminum